2017-05-18 12:57:02-06:00

    How Fast?

    One of the most frequent questions I get while riding around is "How fast can you go?"

    The world record for an hour ride on a trike is 70.68 Km. WWW.ihpv.org set by Pieter Pas out of Germany. Their trike is fully faired cygnushpv.blogspot.ca and not something I would be willing to ride on city streets.

    trike Sketch

    I ride a catrike speed. A nice little aluminum frame trike, but no fairing.

    How fast? Well I have had it up in the 70km/h range for a short distance while going down hill. My max on the flat would be about 50km/h mostly I am not concerned with going fast. I prefer just laying back and taking my time.

    It is the ride that is important not the score. What ever bike you like to ride get out and ride.

    2016-10-04 21:52:42-06:00

    Facelift for old site

    If you can read this then I got my website changed over. I had been using some homebrew scripts and templating patterns that I had created decades ago. Mostly because templating engines did not exist yet.

    I looked at a few different static site generators, most were far too complex for what I wanted. Hugo was a good choice but I need the ablity to modify it easily. So I went with staticsite [archive] written in python it uses jinja2 templating and the markdown language. It was very simple to use and closely resembeled my own ancient scripts.

    2013-10-11 11:12:56-06:00

    Turkish Armour

    Armour from the TOPAKAPI musuem in Istanbul

    This was labeled as the armour of the sultan's bodygaurd. The armour is a combination of maille and bands of metal. The rivited maille had a round cross section except for the overlapped ends.

    Turkish armour Turkish armour

    2013-10-04 22:25:32-06:00

    Human Powered Vehicles

    trike image recumbent

    This is more then bicycles. The conventional bicycle despite advances in construction and materials has not really improved much in the last 100 years. This is mostly because of the UCI who sets the defintion of a bicycle for most races. A HPV is what happens when we stop following this forced definition. It also expands from land into air and water