2018-02-01 22:21:54-06:00

Almost done (the exterior)

Siding starting to go on.

Looking more like a house siding is going on. The mismatch between the grey and the florescent yellow will have to be fixed later when we can afford to reside the bottom.

We used a cement board called hardie board www.jameshardie.ca The colour here is night grey We decided to breakup the walls a little by use of batten boards and some white transitions.

front back

2017-12-01 22:21:54-06:00


Major construction done.

Walls and roof are done.. Shingled and Insulated. front back

2017-11-04 23:14:18-06:00

Second Story

reconstruction begins.

The walls were pre-assembled on the ground and craned into place. The trusses were placed on top. That is as far as the crew got that day, so of course it snowed about 10cm. construction1 construction2

The next day they started on the trusses. Now it starting to look like a house again. construction3 construction4 construction5

The roof sheeting is going up, but it will have to wait until Monday. construction6